Commercial groups

A group of skiing tourists on their way from Vuoma to Dividalen.
A group of skiing tourists on their way from Vuoma to Dividalen. Foto: Chantal de Larnage

All guiding businesses and commercial companies who bring guests and groups to Troms Turlag's cabins must contact us in advance of each trip to arrange this. You can NOT booke online!

  • The price per night per person is NOK 800, same price for tents using cabin or toilet facilities. The price for day visits NOK 100.

  • The prices are independent of whether the persons are members or not. 

  • At least òne in the group MUST have valid DNT membership. Only members can get the key.

  • Everyone in the group must be inschribed in the visitors protocol.

  • NB! The cabins should not be used by business and commercial operators during weekends and peak seasons like Easter holidays and schools vinter holiday, Ascension Day and Pentecost, May 1th and 17th.

  • Day visitors and tent guests will also pay:

    Visitors who use gas or firewood in the cabin, or toilet facilities, but choose to spend the night in a tent, shall pay the same price as for ordinary overnight accommodation. Tenting takes place at least 150 meters from the walls of the cabin, cf. the Open Air Act §9. Also day visitors must register in the protocol and pay for the stay.