Dogs in the cabins

Visitors with dogs must respect that some can be both anxious and allergic to dogs.
Visitors with dogs must respect that some can be both anxious and allergic to dogs. Foto: Åsmund Kaspersen

The general rule is that dogs are not allowed inside the cabins of Troms Turlag. Some of the cabins are totally dog-free due to allergy sufferers and others. In other cabins dogs are allowed in the entrance or in an own dog annex. At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of the cabins facilitated for dogs.

In the dog-free cabins dogs are not allowed at all. In the remaining cabins dogs are allowed in the entrance. Other places you may live with the dog in dog annexes, but still dogs shold NEVER be in the beds.

The annexes are smaller cabins where there are a few beds, a fire place and a small kitchen. The design of the dog annexes varies, some consists of only one large room, while others have an entrence where you'll find cages in the entrance. Where there are cages, the cages should be used. Dog cages can be prebooked.

In some cabins there is a dog cage in the entrance. We encourage dog owners to bring their own blanket/mattress to have in the cage, and possibly a coat for the dog. This prevents damp blankets from being left in the cages, which in turn creates odors and unpleasant conditions for the next dog.

Dog sledges and dog teams should be set minimum 100 meters from the cabin. We are working on placing poles outside all cabins for this purpose.

Please respect the rules of Troms Turlag. Follow signs and pay attention to other visitors.
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