From December 15th 2021 you can prebook beds in the cabins for January 1th - March 1th 2022. Because of new national infection contol restrictions it is only possible to book beds until March 1th 2022. Booking after March 1th, will be announced on our webpage early February 2022.

According to new national infection control restrictions:

  • Stay in the cabins MUST be prebooked at
  • Number of guestes is limited, to keep 1 meter distance between guests who are not from same household/cohort*
  • Because of this, it is only possible to book half the number of beds in a cabin. If the tour group belongs to the same household/cohort*, contact Troms Turlag, (mail to:, to use more beds.
  • Guests who have not booked, and all beds according to the infection control rules are occupied, should kindly be rejected, as long as it is no risk(weather conditions, fysics...)
  • If there are available beds(half of the total beds), guests can register in the visitor protocol, pay(app/Vipps/Paypal/authorisation form), and use the available beds.
  • DAYVISITS are not allowed.

Definition cohort: A group of people with regular togetherness, but to keep in distance. Eg. one group in a school, workplace or in social and family context. The one who books is resposible to consider if the group is a cohort.

Use of Troms Turlags cabins from October 1th 2021.

  • Most of our cabins are now locked with the standard DNT-key.

  • EXCEPTIONS: Nedrefosshytta, Gammelhuset i Skipsfjord, Senjabu og Jægervasshytta will keep the codelock on permanent basis, and these cabins must be prebooked/paid in advance to get the code for the cabin. (When you have booked, you will get a confirmation on your e-mail including code).

  • Lappjordhytta still have codelock, but will gradually get the standard DNT-lock. Code for both Lappjord cabins: 1203. 

  • All outhouses are locked with the DNT-key.

  • Sauna at Jægervasshytta and Nedrefoss are now available.

Infomation about closed cabins, planned voluntary work and other avtivities in the cabins. 

DateCabin               Activity                   Comments
1. november - 1. marsRosta nye
Until furtherGolda nyeclosed until further

problems with the gas!

January 7.-9. 2022       Gappo gamle  Voluntary work        Cabin closed!

April 29.-May 1. 2022  Gappo gamle   Voluntary work       Cabin closed!

Cabin reopening

Prebooking at Booking beds in a cabin by following link for the cabin.


Stay WITH prebooking. You can book/pay singel beds. Half of the number of beds can be booked, unless you are a cohort. (See information on top of this page).

  • Prepaid stay gives the right to visit another cabin than the original booking. Prepaid stay gives you the right to go to another cabin than originally booked, 5 days before and 5 days after date of the original booking. You also can shift the date back or forwards for the prebooked cabin. 
  • It is possible to prebook/pay for dogcage, at the cabins where this is available. See information for each cabin at

Terms for booking Troms Turlags cabins.

Private persons book and prepay their total stay. You book òne bed per person, and members note their members number in the visitors protocol. Those who book, have preferential right for the cabins beds. You have to be a member to pay membersprices. Selfservice booking is based on trust! Choose the right price category. There will be a fee of NOK 500,- if wrong price is uncovered. 

Note that most cabins are locked with the standard DNT-key. The key is ONLY for members, òne in a group needs to be a member. When you arrive it is important that everyone sign in the visitors protocol, including those who have prebooked.


  • Cancelling 6 day and nights before attendance day gives you the right for total refund.
  • Cancelling later than 5 days before attendance day: No refund. (E.g. a stay from Friday must be cancelled latest 23:59 pm previous Saturday).

Cancel yourself by using link of cancellation from the confirmation e-mail.

All information about the cabin is at, including which lock. By appoving these terms you confirm reading this information.

 Schoolclasses, commercial groups and other groups who want to use our cabins have to e-mail Troms ​​​​​​​

For help, contact , evt phone 776 85 175. (Our opening hours Wednesday-Friday 12:0o-16:00.

Have a nice trip!

Booking in practice:

  1. Most of Troms Turlags cabins are locked with the standard DNT key. Exceptions: Senjabu, Nedrefosshytta, Gammelhuset i Skipsfjord og Jægervasshytta. At least òne in a group must be a DNT-member to deposit or buy DNTs standardnøkkel.
  2. Look for the button "Bestill overnatting" at to prebook/pay for your visit. This button is to be found at factsbox "Om hytta" on each hytteside
  3. All information about the cabin at 
  4. When you have booked and paid for your stay, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail. Please check your junk e-mail, if evt. some filters prevents the mail receiving you.


One of the differences as a customer in the new booking system, is that you can create a user, and login when you make a booking. Mark: This is NOT the same user as the one you have at

If problems booking, please try this:

  • You have chosen a price in "Velg pris"(yellow color) for each bed you book.

  • If it says "Vis tilgjengelighet" instead of "Bestill" for a bed, the bed is already booked by someone else for all or parts of the period you try to book.

  • You have to create an unique user for the new booking system. You can not use the same login as for the old booking system or Min Side.

  • If everything is correctly filled, you have accepted the terms, but still not able to pay, try this before making another try booking:

    • Book from PC instead of mobile phone/tablet or opposite.

    • Use another browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

    • Slett nettleserdata (Delete browser data)

    • Check if there is money on your creditcard.

  • If you have put one or several beds in the shoppingbasket, continued to payment and then interrupted, it might seem as the beds are occupied if you make another try. This is most likely because they still are in your own shopping basket. You can find the basket at the bottom of the page, below the beds.

  • If still problems, contact Troms Turlag: e-mail or phone 776 85 175 (during opening hours).