Mobile coverage

Sometimes your mobile phone is reduced to being a camera.
Sometimes your mobile phone is reduced to being a camera. Foto: Elin Hansson

You can not rely on your mobile phone in an emergency. This is important to consider when planning your tour. We've made an overview of where you may expect to have mobile coverage and not. Note that this list is not accurate, coverage is changing and is also dependant on your mobile operator.

You are able to charge your mobile phones or any other devices in some of our cabins, see information about each cabin at Note that the solarpanels do not charge well wintertime. Use with moderation!

  • Altevasshytta: Good coverage
  • Blåkollkoia: Variable coverage. Telenor offers best coverage. Not so sure regarding conditions with Netcom.
  • Dividalshytta: No coverage
  • Dærtahytta: No coverage
  • Gammelhuset i Skipsfjorden: Only coverage with Telenor.
  • Gaskashytta: Good coverage.
  • Gappohytta: No coverage by the cabin. Coverage via Finnish net when you are about 1 kilometer from the cabin towards Rognli. This is about 1,5 kilometer before arriving the rock named "Piggsteinen" translated to "the needle". You'll pass the first valley made by the river and follow the trail up on the next hill. You will have coverage when you can see the mast on Saanafjellet, which is in Finland a bit north of Kilpisjärvi. You'll also find mobile coverage by the easy reckognizable rock "the needle" which is about 2,6 kilometers down towards Rognli. 
  • Goldahytta: Coverage via the Finnish net. 
  • Jægervasshytta: Good coverage.
  • Lappjordhytta: Good coverage via Swedish net
  • Nedrefosshytta: No coverage.
  • Nonsbu: Unstable coverage. It seems like weather might affect the coverage. You might recieve coverage in the window frame of the old part of the cabin, and some times in the shed. Other times you might occasionally have coverage adequate to recieve sms in the window of the new part of the cabin. Generally limited and sporadically coverage for phone calls, we recommend communicating via sms.
  • Rostahytta: Mobile coverage only with Telenor subscription close to the cabin. The best place is 100 meters above the trail towards Iselva. By the wall to the west of the oldest of the Rosta cabins, you may find coverage every now and then. You might have coverage while at the yard between the cabins, but this is very variable. When conditions are good, you might have coverage inside the Cabin. Coverage for mobiles with Netcom subscription can only be found on the last hilltop arriving from Innset - from the very spot from where you can see the cabin. 
  • Ringvassbu: No coverage at the cabin. Unstable coverage in the cut just before the cabin. There is good coverage on a smal peak about 300 meters nortwest of the cabin, and on Langryggen about 700 meters east of the cabin.
  • Senjabu: Good coverage.
  • Skarvassbu: Variable coverage at the cabin.  Some hundred meters southeast from the cabin, down towards Langlitinden, you'll find coverage. 
  • Stordalsstua: No coverage next to the cabins. To find coverage, you need to go across the boarder to Sweden and up in the mountains, about 2-2,5 kilometers from the cabin. In bad weather it might be easier to go down towards Bones to find mobile coverage. 
  • Trollvassbu: Very variable coverage.
  • Vuomahytta: No coverage. You need to go towards Gaskas to find mobile coverage. 

General information regarding use of mobile phones in Norway:

The two national networks of mobile base stations, Telenor and NetCom, provide GSM mobile service in most but not all mountain areas. Updated mobile coverage maps are available on the companies' websites at Telenor and Netcom. Both coverage maps are in Norwegian only, but are simple, bringing up local coverage maps by county (fylke) and municipality (kommune).

Other mobile service operators use one or the other of these two physical networks. For example, Tele2 uses the Telenor network. A smaller operator, Teletopia, provides mobile coverage in the Oslo area and a map at

Upon logon in Norway, a mobile phone with a SIM card for a subscription in another country will automatically perform a search to find the network with which the subscription supplier has an agreement and indicate its selection on screen. For instance, a mobile phone with a number in the Orange network in France will display "N Telenor, Orange F" onscreen, indicating that it is logged onto the Telenor network.

As elsewhere, all calls from mobiles registered in networks in other countries are international, so to call a number in any country, you must enter its international prefex preceeded by two zeros, such as 0044 for the UK or 0047 for Norway.