Payment and priCes

Troms Turlag depends on your payment to maintain and operate the cabins. Particular transportation of firewood and gas is costy; to some of the cabins transportation must be arranged by helicopter, which is expensive. If there is a fee to join our tours, we are totally dependent on the income to avoid deficit. So please do pay the fees, then everybody will be happy!

Sign into the visitor's protocol!

Only after you've signed your name into the protocol, you have the right of using the cabin.

Day visitors and tent guests will also pay:

Visitors who use gas or firewood in the cabin, or toilet facilities,  but choose to spend the night in a tent, shall pay the same price as for ordinary overnight accommodation. Tenting takes place at least 150 meters from the walls of the cabin, cf. the Open Air Act §9. Also day visitors must register in the protocol and pay for the stay.

No participation fee for members:

When you join tours with Troms Turlag, the only costs you as a member of Troms Turlag and DNT will have are the expences to cover transport and accommodation. Non-members must in addition pay a participation fee of NOK 100 for day trips and NOK 200 for overnight trips. Remember to mark the transfer with the participant's name and the tour it applies to.

Prices for day visits

Category Member Non-member
Senior, adult, youth 30 NOK 60 NOK
Children younger than 15 y.o. Free Free
Commercial groups 100 NOK 100 NOK

NB! School classes and commercial groups only after appointment being made in advance.

Payment options:

  • PayPal:
  • Bank transfer: 
    IBAN: No 41 8245 0609141
  • Payment authorization left in the safe at the cabin.
  • Cash put in an envelope and placed in the safe in the cabin.
  • At the Troms Turlag's office during opening hours.

Always mark your payment with your visitor's number from the protocol, as well as the number of the cabin that you visited.

Overnight prices

Category Member Non-member
Children (0-3 y.o.) Free Free
Children (4-12 y.o.)) Free 60 NOK
School youth (13-18 y.o.)  100 NOK 200 NOK
Youth (19-26 y.o.) 100 NOK 200 NOK
Adults (27-66 y.o.) 200 NOK 400 NOK
Seniors (67+) 100 NOK 200 NOK
Sauna (Nedrefoss and Jægervatn) 50 NOK 50 NOK
Per person, commercial groups 400 NOK 400 NOK