Reservation of cabins

Welcome to Trollvassbu
Welcome to Trollvassbu Foto: Kjersti Bakken

DNT's philosophy is to give everyone access to great nature experiences, and as a part of this we have to share the cabins.

Therefore, it is not possible to reserve or book beds in the cabins. However, this is not a big problem in Troms, as it is very rare that the cabins are full. And if you happen to get to share a cabin with someone, it will often be very nice! Still, we want school classes to contact us about tours they are planning, so that we can include them in the visitor's calendar. Then other visitors may see what is planned and possibly steer away from cabins where large groups will spend the night.

There are also special rules applied to commercial groups' use of our cabins. 

Senjabu and Gammelhuset are exceptions - these cabins are locked with special keys and need to be ordered in advance.