Rules for using the cabins

Troms Turlag welcomes you to our cabins!

  1. The cabins are open to members of Troms Turlag and other associated organizations for member's prizes. Others have access to the cabins and pay the current fees and prizes for non-members.
  2. Visitors must sign into the visitor's protocol upon arrival. You do not have any rights to use the cabin until you have signed in with your name and contact info.
  3. In the lack of available beds, visitors (who have not prebooked beds) who have stayed one night or more must give place for new visitors. No one has to give up a bed for visitors arriving after 09:00 pm.
  4. It should be quiet in the cabin between 23:00 and 06:00 (Norwegian time).
  5. Private bed sheets or sleeping bags should be used in the beds.
  6. Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.
  7. Dogs should not be in rooms marked with signs "no dogs allowed".
  8. Dog sleds must be set minimum 100 meters from the cabins.
  9. The cabin should be left in proper and clean condition. Floors must be washed. Ensure that windows are closed and that valves are closed in winter. Fill up with split firewood and firewood for the next guest.
  10. Waste should be brought home.
  11. Motorized traffic to the cabins is not allowed.
  12. The Board of Troms Turlag may - upon application - grant permission for commercial activities at the cabins.
  13. We encourage our guests to be considerate so that everyone has a pleasant stay!