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Opening hours for the Troms Turlag office:

Wedensday: 12.00 - 16.00

Thursday:       12.00 - 18.00

Friday:              12.00 - 16.00

If our office is closed you may buy the key (if you're a member) in the shop Andresens Våpenforretning in Storgata. It's also possible to become a member there, and pay for the stay in our cabins.

Our huts

We have two 10-man huts at each place along the border trail. The huts have well equipped kitchens, including pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. NB! Food is not available at any of these huts, so you need to bring your own supplies!!

Gas is available for cooking and there are fire places for heating. None of the huts have electricity. Bring candles or torches with you if you want light inside. 

Sleeping capacity: See details about each hut.

There are also extra mattresses. Duvets and blankets are provided, but everyone using the hut is required to use a sheet sleeping bag/sleeping bag. Duvets are not provided in the huts in the Tromsø area.

REMEMBER: To register in the vistor's protocole as soon as you arrive!

NB! All guided tours/commercial groups that bring clients or visitors to our cabins have to inform and make an agreement with Troms Turlag in advance. The price for commercial groups is 400 NOK per person per night, 100 NOK per dayvisit (regardless of membeship). Commercial groups can not use the cabins at weekends.

Troms Turlag can be contacted on

The huts have outhouses with toilet facilities. Remember to bring toilet paper. Firewood is available in the outhouse. 

You can fetch water from rivers or lakes near the huts.


Troms border trail

- Start at the Norway-Finland border or at Kilpisjärvi in Finland. From the starting point, it is an 18 km hike to Golda. Golda is located 3 km from Treriksrøysa, the meeting point of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

- The next hut is at Gappo, a relatively easy14 km hike.

- Continue to Rostahytta, an18 km hike over a mountain pass at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

- Rosta to Dærta (18 km)

- Dærta to Divi (24 km)

- Divi to Vuoma (18 km)

- Vuoma to Gasgas (18 km)

- Gasgas to Altevatn (16 km)

- Altevatn to Lappjord (22 km)


Kilpisjärvi: There are daily buses between Tromsø and Finland from mid-June until the end of September. The journey takes two hours and you may pay in either Norwegian kroner (NOK) or Euro.
To view the bus timetable, please visit:
Remember that there is one hour's time difference between Norway and Finland.
If your hike ends in Kilpis, you may catch a bus in the afternoon.

The Norwegian trail starts around 500 m from the border, while the trail on the Finnish side starts around 500 m from the Customs station.

There is no bus connection during winter. You may catch a bus to Skibotn then continue to the border by taxi (40km). You can book a taxi from either Storfjord or Lyngen Taxis, which is located at Hatteng, around 20 km before Skibotn.

You can also start your hike at Hatteng or further up the Signaldalen valley. It is a hike of 11 km from here to the Gappohytta.

Take a bus from Tromsø to Øverbygd then taxi from Øverbygd to Rostadalen (around 25 km). There are grocery shops in Øverbygd.

Take a bus from Tromsø to Øverbygd then a taxi to the end of the road at Dividalen (around 40 km).

Altevatn: Take a bus from Narvik or Tromsø and stop at Setermoen, from where you catch a taxi to Altevatn (40 km).

After Lappjord: You can end your hike by walking from Lappjord to Tornehamn and then catching a train to either Narvik or Sweden. To view train timetables, please visit: 


Important information!


All huts are locked and you will require a so-called DNT key. Members may borrow a key by paying a deposit of NOK 100.
You may buy the key in the DNT web shop:
Or you may collect it from one of the following places:

Nordreisa, Halti National Park Centre
Kilpisjärvi, Customs Station
Nordkjosbotn, Circle K petrol station
Øverbygd, Vårheim Motor (Circle K)
Bardufoss, Bardufosstun Hotel
Bardu, Coop Sporten
Finnsnes, Esso petrol station

Bardu, Polar Park

You may also pay your membership fee at Circle K Nordkjosbotn, Coop Bardu and Andresen Sport in Tromsø.


To become a member, you can visit the Norwegian Mountain Hiking Association (DNT) website or contact Troms Turlag. 
As membership is on an individual basis and according to age, you will need to provide your date of birth.

Paying for hut stays:
One-off authorisation cards are provided at each hut. Complete one for each hut you stay at and place it in the box provided. 
You may also pay your hut fee at Troms Turlag's office, the Customs station in Kilpis or directly into our bank account: 82450609141.
To make a payment from overseas: 
Our Bic address: DNBANOKKXXX
IBAN: No41 8245 0609141
You may also use this account to pay for stays at huts in Troms county owned by DNT Oslo.

Our huts:

The hut sleeps 16. It is located in the Reisa National Park. You get here from the north via Kautokeino and Reisavannhytta (Statsskog) which is located around 30km north of Nedrefosshytta. The Imofossen waterfall is situated in the innermost part of the Reisadalen valley. This is a unique area with waterfalls and steep rock walls. It is 20 km from Nedrefoss to Siemma (Statsskog). You will pass the Mollisfossen waterfall, which has a fall of 269 m. It is a further 10 km from Siemma to Saraelv. The road starts here. It is a 50 km drive to Storslett. There is no bus connection between Saraelv and Storslett.

Another option is to hike from Nedrefoss to Saraelv and continue into Finland and stay at the Finnish huts. You can conclude your hike at Kilpisjärvi, which is around 10 km from the border. You also have the option of continuing on the Troms Border Trail. The Finnish huts here are more basic. You will need to bring your own hiking mattress, sleeping bag and all pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. These huts have one section which is locked and another which remains unlocked, and they may be utilised all year round. For more information, please visit the tourist information office in Kilipisjärvi.

There are two 10-man huts. It is a hike of 18 km from the trail starting 500m from the Finnish border. In the period from July to September, you may take a boat across the Kilpisvannet. From there, it is 6km to Golda via Treriksrøysa. You must pre-arrange return boat trips with the boat owner.

Two 10-man huts 
14 km to Golda
11 km to Signaldalen
11 km to Pältsastugen in Sweden

Three huts: one sleeping 13, and two sleeping eight respectively
During the summer it is 6 km to the start of the road, but in winter it is 14 km.
18 km to Pältsa

Two cabins:One sleeping 13, and one 10
18 km to Rosta
24 km to Dividalshytta
22 km to Frihetsli in Dividalen (You will pass the Swedish Saami summer camp which sleeps 50)

Two 10-man huts
During the summer it is 6 km to the end of the road at Dividalen, but in winter it is 14 km 
18 km to Vouma

Two cabins: One sleeping 15, one 10
18 km to the end of the road at Dividalen
18 km to Dividalshytta
18 km to Gasgas

Two 10-man huts
14 km to Altevasshytta

This is a large hut sleeping 17 people. There is also a loft and an outhouse, which sleeps three. During the summer, it is possible to drive all the way to this hut. During winter, it is a 3km walk to Innset. It is a 40 km drive to Setermoen

Two cabins: One 10-man hut and a smaller hut sleeping four
24 km to Altevasshytta
13 km to Tornehamn in Sweden
18 km to Sørdalen Bardu

Two huts, one sleeping 10 and the other two
11 km to Bones in Salangsdalen
17 km to Bjørnfjell in Sweden
33 km to Øse
This hut is not in the network.

One eight-man hut
The hut is located 200m from the road through Svandalen.


One 16-man hut
Take bus 450 from Tromsø towards Oldervik. Get off at Snarbyeidet. From here, it is a hike of 5 km to the hut.

One eight-man hut (six beds, two on the coach)
9 km to Trollvassbu
11 km to Skarvassbu
6 km to Blåkollkoia
9 km to Tønsvika (take bus 11 from here back to Tromsø)

One nine-man hut
9km to Tønsvik
7km to Skarvassbu

Two huts, one of which sleeps four and the other seven.
It is 11km to Tromsdalen. We recommend the summit ascent of Tromsdalstind!

One 10-man hut (not in the network)
11km hike from Simavik
Bus from Tromsø
10km to Grønnliskardet

One four-man hut in Lyngen. The loft sleeps a further five.
Bus from Tromsø to Nord-Lenangen
Bus Tromsø-Breivikeidet
Ferry Breivikeidet-Svensby (25 mins)
Bus Svensby-Kobbeneset (10 km)
The hut is located along a 3 km trail beside Jægervatn.

You can fish with a worm, spinner or fly.
For freshwater fishing, you require a fishing license. For more information, please visit 
Recommended areas:
- Rostaelva and the tales towards Stor Rosta
- The lakes around Dærtahytta
- Anjavassdalen (river and lake)
- Voumaområdet
- Leina area east of Altevatn