Corona virus

Troms Turlag ask people who are uncertain if they could be infected with the virus (or have symptoms) to stay at home.

You may book the cabins until September 30th; booking opens September 2nd at 12:00 a.m. We can still only allow one group (household/cohort)per cabin. Booking September there is one price for the whole cabin. You can find the prices here:

Booking for single beds from October 1th; from September 22th at 12:00 a.m. Unless there are restrictions from the government/health autohrities.

We call upon all our guests to comply with the reccomendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and practice habits which help prevent infection. Here are our reccomendations for a safer stay:

  • Wash your hands with soap and running water thoroughly, especially when you have been out in public. Hand sanitizer is an alternative if handwash is not possible.
  • When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue. Throw the tissue in a closed bin directly after use.  
  • Keep distance (at least 1-2 meters) to people with respiratory disease, if possible. 
  • How do you feel? If you are not feeling well before your trip, stay home so you don`t risk infecting others. If you are not feeling well during your trip, we recommend that you consider canceling further plans.   
  • Make sure to inform family or friends where you are planning to go. 

We ask everyone to follow the advice from the Norwegian government. Read more here: Folkehelseinstituttet. 

The Troms Turlag office is closed due to an increase in Covid-19 infections in Tromsø.

You may arrange membership, buy the DNT-key (members only) and also pay for the stay in our cabins at the shop Andresens Våpenforretning in Storgata. For more information, check out and our web page


Troms Turlag has gradually opened the cabins for overnight stays. All our cabins are now open to overnight stays. We remind you that all activity MUST happen in accordance with the governments pandemic regulations. 

Overnight stay can only be booked in advance and dayvisits are not possible. 

  • All the cabins are locked with a spesial lock. You need to get the code to opne this lock. You have to book in advance to use the cabins, and to receive the correct code to the cabin.
  • All cabins can be booke all week, visit the web-page to book.
  • There is one price per cabin per night, and only one group is allowed in the cabin. 
  • Only one family/household or cohort may share a cabin. To maintain the rule of 1 meter distance, a cohort may use only half of the beds. 
  • Every guest is obliged to follow the cabin rules. ​​​​​​​

Ordinary cabin rules are to be followed. If the rules are not adhered to, penalty-fees may be issued.

Infection control instructions:

1. Do not visit any cabins if you are feeling sick. Use of the cabins are based on trust. Troms Turlag has responsibility for the cabins        and facilities. Our guests need to be responsible for following the instructions.

2. Guests who are not from the same household, must if possible have seperate bedrooms.

3. All guests must bring their own linen or sleepingbag, and a personal pillowcase.

4. Follow FHI (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) guidelines. Wash your hands carefully, and often using soap and water. Dry your hands using paper towels and throw them in the woodstove.

5. Follow the guidelines for dish-washing: Sponges are to be used only for one group of guests. Upon leaving,  the sponges are to be disposed of in the marked container. Rinse the dishes with boiling water.

6. After washing, all dishes and cutlery are to be air dried or dried with a clean towel. Before leaving the cabin put the used towels in the marked container.

7. Clean all surface (tables, benches, gas stove, washpot), handles/switches (on cupboards, doors, gas stove). Use one-time wipes, and throw them in the marked container.

8. Before leaving the cabin: Make sure the cabin is tidy and clean, as instructed in the information book. Sign in the check list (which you will recieve after booking).

9. Other visitors that have not booked, are to be expelled in a polite way. Only pre-paid guests are to stay in the cabins.

10. Each guest is resposible for bringing their own infection control equipment(e.g. desinfectant, gloves, facemasks). Make sure to bring paper towels.

11. All waste is to be brought back home. 

12. If a guest is experiencing symptoms of Corona-virus, he/she must be isolated in a separate room, and leave as soon as possible, given that the guest is capable.

Should a situation occur,  contact TT`s daily manager/chairman as quickly as possible: Phone +47 77 68 51 75, e-mail 

Emergency: ​​​​​​​113