General information

You need to bring all desired food to the cabin - and all leftovers home again.
You need to bring all desired food to the cabin - and all leftovers home again. Foto: Øyvind Tufto
  • Who can use the cabins?
    The cabins can be used by anyone, but note that they are normally, when there is no corona pandemic, they are locked with a DNT key. NB! Exceptions: Jægervasshytta, Senjabu, Gammelhuset i Skipsfjord, Nedrefosshytta. Lappjord and Dærta cabins are still locked with a codelock, see information on the front page.You must be a DNT member to rent or purchase the key.

  • We want school classes to contact us about tours they are planning, so that we can make a booking for them. 

  • Who is entitled to the beds, if there are more people than available beds?
    Upon arrival at the cabin, first thing to do is to sign into the visitor's protocol. You do not have any rights to use the cabin until you have signed in with your name and contact info. It is the order of names in the protocol that gives the rights to the beds. In lack of available beds, guests who hae already spent a night must give room for new visitors. (in normal times, when there is no pandemic)

  • What do I have to remember when going to a cabin belonging to Troms Turlag?
    The cabins are unattended and without provisions, so you have to bring all food that you need. All cabins have fire wood for heating and gas for cooking, as well as glass, cups, cutlery and pots. Cabins should be equipped with matches, candles and toilet paper, but we advice you to bring some just to be on the safe side.  Everyone has to use sleeping bags or sheets for accommodation (almost all cabins have quilts, except the cabins close to Tromsø; Trollvassbu, Nonsbu, Blåkollkoia and Skarvassbu, which only has blankets).

  • What do I have to do before I leave the cabin? 
    The main rule is to leave the cabin as you would like to find it yourself. It is compulsary to clean and wash after you; to bring with you all your garbage; to chop, prepare and fill up with firewood for the next guests. Before you go, remember to check that all windows are closed, that the valves are closed and that the gas is shut off.

  • Where do I find water?
    You can fetch water from rivers or lakes near the huts. Respect signing to keep water sources clean.

  • How are toilet facilities?
    The huts have outhouses with toilet facilities. There is no running water - except from in the rivers ;)

  • Where do I find firewood?
    Firewood is available in the outhouse. Firewood is only to be used in the fire places indoor. If you want to make a fire outside, you need to collect your own wood from the woods.

For more detailed information on the do's and don'ts, see the cabins rules.