Safety on tour

Arctic conditions requires preparations and skills.
Arctic conditions requires preparations and skills. Foto: Åsa Granath

We'd like to take the opportunity to emphasize the special conditions you will be met by in the Arctic. Weather changes quickly, you may experience snow in the summer as well as all seasons during an hour.

You can't expect to have mobile coverage and to be able to call for assistance at all time, so trekking in our region requires knowledge, preparations and proper equipment. Acknowledge your limitations and build up experiences before choosing the most hazardious tours.

  • Check for the latest weather forecast

  • tells you about hiking routes and cabins

  • offers information regarding snowconditions and weather

  • gives you weather warnings and avalanche bulletins

  • A good map is essential on a hike or ski tour

  • As of yet this map service ​​​​​​​is only in Norwegian, but it is very helpful for tourplanning to avoid avalanche terrain. 

  • The Norwegian outdoors is accessible for everyone. Be familiar with the rules of outdoor conduct.